The Hardest Decision We Ever Had to Make

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Have you ever faced a very difficult decision, realizing it was the hardest decision you ever had to make?  If so you will know and understand this post.

With our family moving out of state in our travel trailer with our teenage twins, we had to make some difficult decisions.  One being, are we going to rent when we get to Oregon or are we going to do our best living in our travel trailer so we can save money.  Well “one” of the many reasons we are moving to Oregon is so we can live in a beautiful area and afford a nice home.  It is so hard to do that here in the San Francisco Bay Area.  We actually would love to by a lot or a small piece of land as we would  love to build.  After living in a travel trailer for 6 months we  have realized what we have missed in a home and what we really want in our future home. We also have so many design ideas when it comes to building.  With this in mind, we have decided to live in our travel trailer and make the best of it.  This way we can save so much more towards our future home.

Now comes the hardest decision we ever had to make…what do we do with our beautiful, sweet and loving cat Jasmine.  Living in our travel trailer with her hasn’t been the easiest for all of us including her as she is strictly an indoor cat.  She doesn’t have that much room with the four of us in this small space, we couldn’t fit her self cleaning cat litter or her deluxe feeding center.  Without those two items we can’t leave her more than a day as we always have to be home to change her litter, make sure she has fresh food and water.  With her self cleaning litter and feeding center, we could leave up to a week and leave her home in which she would be fine.  She would much rather be home than go to pet boarding.

With our kids being older we definitely want to explore on the weekends, we also want to travel for business on the weekends as a family whether it’s photographing a wedding or my husband launching his detailing product line at car shows.  We can’t do this with having our cat in here.  She hates it when we leave her in this small trailer by herself, as it makes more noises and moves with the wind compared to a normal house.  All we want is the best life for her as we love her so very much.  It’s not fair to put her through all this stress and why drive out of state to continue to put her through stress. She hates traveling!  This is why we decided to find her a new home as we would NEVER just drop her off at a shelter.

As we started reaching out to friends, family and Facebook groups letting people know we were looking for a new home for Jasmine, we were starting to get confused as we were not seeing any promising leads.  We decided to pray, I even remember the night we prayed, my husband and I were on our bed asking God to give us guidance and that if He wanted us to find her a new home, that He would open the door and if not than we would know that it was His will for us to keep her.  I love that in a state of confusion, we come come to God and rest in Him to guide and direct us.  All of a sudden all of the confusion just goes away when we lay everything out for Him!

The next day after praying through the night, I received a message on Facebook stating that the woman’s mother was wanting to adopt a new cat.  This woman seemed like such a perfect fit as she is an elderly, semi retired and widowed.  She also just lost her cat after 19 years of age.  Before even talking to this woman, we just knew she would be a perfect companion to Jasmine as she has so much love and much more time to give our cat.  We decided to call her and what is even more amazing about this woman, is that she goes to a church we know and have visited before.  She told me that she was praying about adopting a new cat.  So we were both praying and I feel God orchestrated this perfect adoption for our sweet Jasmine to happen!

Even though God answered our prayers and we found the perfect new home for Jasmine, dropping her off yesterday was so difficult for us as we had to say goodbye to our beautiful cat we have had for almost 11 years.  We have become her people and she has become ours!  We couldn’t have ever asked for a better cat, she even shared her birthday with us as we all have birthdays in JUNE!!  There is some good news I have to share though, being the kind and loving woman who adopted Jasmine is, she said whenever we come down to visit family, that we can visit Jasmine too.  She said we can be Co-owners of Jasmine and that she will keep me updated with photos, how Jasmine is doing and her health.  Wow…we couldn’t have ever wanted a better situation/answer for the hardest decision we ever had to make.

This is just such a perfect reminder that with God all things are possible and when faced with hard decisions, we never have to face them alone!!! (Matthew 18:26)

Goodbye Princess Jasmine…we will miss you so much as you filled our lives with so much love and joy!  We look forward to the time we get to come down and visit you, we love you!!!!




I just love this header our designer made for our new personal Facebook page, “All Roads Leading Home”  This page is to share our journey as we work, travel and homeschool our kids while living in a travel trailer.  I love how our designer added Jasmine…you can see her in Katelyn’s arms… sketch and draft templates



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