Shoot & Share Photo Contest Top 100 & Best of the Best!

A few days ago I shared on my blog that I entered some of my favorite photos from 2014 into this popular, world-wide photo contest by Shoot & Share.  In my last post which you can see here, I announced that two of my photos made it in the finals.  The photo I shared a few days ago made it in the top 20% out of over 110,000 photos entered world-wide.

Now for more exciting news this photo I am sharing below made it in the BEST of the BEST out of  over 110,00 photos & it made it in the Top 100 in the Newborn Category.  The newborn category had over 5200 photos entered which means this photo I captured  made it in the top  2%  (actually 1.8% to be exact).  There were so many fabulous photos in all the categories.  Even though this photo didn’t make it in the Top 20 in the Newborn Category, I am still thrilled!  Just to have this photo in the BEST of the BEST and in the Top 100 among so many talented photographers is such a HUGE honor and something a will forever be grateful for!

I want to say thank you to the parents of these precious children I had the pleasure of photographing.  Being able to capture special moments like this is what fuels my passion for what I do.   Thank you for letting me come into your home and trusting me to capture these once in a lifetime moments of your family.  I also want to thank everyone at Shoot & Share…they are all so amazing!  Shoot & Share is a community focused on others and that’s exactly what they do as they are continually serving the photography community!

Shoot & Share  has helped me and so many others in the photography industry by creating a community for us in which we get to connect, share and  support one another!  I am just blown away by the wonderful community I get to be a part of and this contest (which was absolutely free) has been so inspiring and motivating.  It’s so exciting for a photographer to find out one of their photos made the finals…it gives us this push to keep on going.  Thank you Shoot & Share for all the long hours you put in to create one of the most amazing photography contests out there.  I am so grateful for all of you!!

And now here is the photo that made the Top 100 in the Newborn Category

BTW you better believe that when I found out I jumped out of my seat, cried & did a happy dance!

Such an amazing feeling I will always remember!!!

Shoot and Share Photo Contest_Top 100_BEST of the BEST_Petaluma Newborn Photographer_1000


Dillon Newborn Session-59copy


best of the best shoot & share


Shoot & Share top 100



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