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A few weeks ago I decided to start a new blog series called “Faithful Fridays”  You can view my first post here!  Today I want to share how prayer has helped our business.  With our family just moving to a new state (Oregon) in the last month, prayer has been vital in our business.  Right now we are mainly focusing on my husband’s (Robert) business as it has been established for almost 20 years.  He has a mobile auto business called Doctor Detail, he is well known in his industry as he is one of the first mobile detailers/auto restoration specialist and one of the first Doctor Detail’s in the country.  This helps some but being able to book new clients in a new state can be hard!  We have started praying before we even moved, asking for God to show us by opening doors if this was a move he was leading us to.

We started out praying for his Yelp page as he gets 90% of his inquiries from Yelp!  Robert has spent so much time building his Yelp page over the years that we knew wherever we moved his Yelp page would show up #1 or very close to that if not #1.  We called Yelp and at first his representative said we could not move the Yelp page as it was a business and that we would have to start a new page.  So we prayed and God revealed to us that there was a way around this as Robert’s business is not a brick and mortar business but a service type of business in which he goes to clients homes and businesses.  We had to make quite a bit of phone calls but we feel God paved the way to the right people at Yelp.  We finally were able to talk to management who agreed with us and gave us the go ahead to transfer the Yelp page wherever we moved.

This was the beginning of praying for Robert’s business, once we arrived in Oregon it took time for his Yelp page to transfer over.  We prayed and asked God to bring business and in the last two weeks he has started to get calls and has booked work!  This is so amazing for only being here a month! We just know that when we pray, God hears us.  God loves each and every one of us and if we are willing to work hard, pray and trust in Him, He will bless us.  It might not be today or tomorrow but I can tell you one thing, in the almost 20 years Robert and I have been married we have never been without a home or a meal.  We have been through seasons where finances were so tight we were not sure what to do except to pray.   I must say every time that has happened we saw blessings,  Whether it was a card in the mail from family blessing us with some money out of nowhere or church blessing us with a Christmas card with some money during a slow season.

When it comes to business, prayer is vital.  Our business wouldn’t be where it is today with out God and praying to Him!  He has done so many amazing things in both of our businesses.  Especially with Robert’s business as we have some exciting new things to offer in His business.  It doesn’t show on his website now as we are in the midst of having a new website designed, but he is going to start offering auto detailing workshops and mentoring courses to new detailers in the industry.  This is something else we prayed for!  When we knew we were moving the last thing we wanted to do was walk away from his established business in the San Francisco Bay Area, so our first thought was to sell it.  We had some offers in which some looked like they were going to work out but then they fell through.  As we were getting close to moving we were getting nervous that the business would not sell. So what did we do, we prayed!  We asked God to open the doors if selling the business was the best thing and to close the doors if this wasn’t the best thing for the business.  After we prayed I felt God giving me discernment that selling was NOT what we were supposed to do.  We even received a few lowball offers we were tempted to take, yet the discernment I was feeling from God overpowered!

We feel that God has bigger plans with Doctor Detail and that selling his business would mean we could never work in the SF Bay Area again.  With Robert now offering workshops the Bay Area is a perfect place for us hold workshops and sell his new product line.  We can head down to California a few times a years and offer workshops knowing we can legally be working there with our business name.  If we sold the business we wouldn’t be able to use the name Doctor Detail.  The point I am trying to make is that sometimes we think we know what is best in the season we are in, yet God knows our future and His plans are so much greater.  So if you have a business I encourage you to pray for the big things and the small.  God is a loving, gracious and mighty God ready to listen and lead if we let Him!!!

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