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Today I am sharing a post on faith, hope and prayer!  The past few weeks I have been completely moved by a few photographers I have been in the industry with for the past 8 years.  I have never met them, yet I feel so blessed to have learned so much from them through photography groups and by following their blogs.  These two women/photographers have so much faith and hope in God that through their prayer I have seen amazing things happen in their lives.

Before I share more about these women I am going to share a little about my past, my walk with God….I have been a Christian now for 20 years.  Both my husband (Robert) and I accepted Christ into our hearts and lives right before we were married.  I will never forget that time in my life as I was so on fire for the Lord…I read my bible and devotionals every day, loved listening and singing worship music (Maranatha) every moment I could, I prayed for everything and really gave my life over to Christ.  This was the least I could do for what He did for me!  He died for my sins so I could have everlasting life!  During this time I saw so many amazing things happen in my life… My husband and I finally got married after dating on and off for 7 years, I needed a new car and was blessed with a car.  Was blessed with an amazing job at Kaiser, we were blessed with boy/girl twins.  So many blessings God poured out to us.

As the years went on being a wife, mom, quitting my job to be a stay at home mom and homeschool teacher, things started to change in my walk.  With all of these blessings I was quite busy and stopped giving myself time to be with God in prayer, devotion and worship.  I still loved God, I still read my bible, prayed and went to church.  If  I were to be completely honest though I would say in my 20 years of being a Christian, I have not given it my all the entire time.  The reason I am sharing this post is because I see I have been lacking faith, hope and prayer.  Over the years I have put so much time into being a “wife” & “mom”, but spiritually I need to give myself more time with God…I need Him in my life, we were all created to need Him!

I also want to share about prayer, I have seen prayer work as when we pray God listens because He loves us!  He know the desires of our hearts and we can lift our desires up to Him in prayer.  I fail to do this so many times as I feel I don’t deserve these kinds of prayers.  I mostly pray for others when people are sick and hurting or are needing discernment for life changing moments in their lives.  I tend to forget to pray for my own needs and desires, maybe because it’s my lack of faith and hope as I feel like my issues are not solvable.  This is where my pride gets in the way and then I am not trusting God which is not good!

In the past few weeks I have seen how faith, hope and prayer can really change lives.  With faith we can come to God and pray for the desires of our hearts and with hope we can rest assured God’s perfect plan for our lives is set before us.  These two women I have been blessed with are two different photographers….Katelyn James and her husband Michael from Virginia and Kristin Peddicord  and her husband Casey from Tennessee.  Over the past 8 years in my photography business I have been so blessed by these two women as they have so much faith and hope.  I have seen so many amazing things happen in their lives due to prayer..  For Katelyn her wedding photography business grew exponentially! She is such an light to our photography industry in the way she serves not just her clients but other photographers as well.  Then there is Kristin who prayed for a child and was blessed with a precious daughter through adoption…her story is so moving and you could read more here at Joy in the Waiting!!!

Recently both of these different women shared how they have been praying for the desires of their hearts….LAND!  You know what God is so gracious and loving that both of these women shared on their blogs that they were blessed with amazing and beautiful land to build on.  Not just any land but the perfect land for each of their families needs. You can read both of their blog posts on how each of them were blessed with land… here for Katelyn & Michael  and here for Kristin and Casey. This really reminded me that God is a Sovereign God.  He love us so much, that he listens to the desires of our hearts, there is no reason for us not to be in prayer, there is no reason to not have faith and hope in Him. He can do so much in our lives if we just trust Him!

I feel so grateful for Katelyn and Kristin sharing on their blogs, which is why I personally want to thank them as their posts did a stirring in my heart.  I shared their blogs with my husband (Robert) and told him, “honey…we need to pray more”  we really do lack in this area!  Again it’s not that we don’t pray, but we don’t pray for ourselves that often.  Right now we need to be praying more than ever as we just moved to a new state and are starting both of our businesses over from scratch here in Oregon.

With all that has been put on my heart in the last few weeks, I have realized I need to spend way more time in prayer with God.  My family has needs right now, we also have wants and desires.  Where in the last 20 years did I lose this part of my walk with God by trusting Him in all areas of my life?  Well this is going to change as we need faith, hope and prayer more than ever!  You see in the last year our life changed dramatically…we sold almost everything we owned and moved our family of four which includes our teenage twins (Thomas & Katelyn) into our RV.  Even though Robert’s auto business was doing well in the SF Bay Area, we really felt God calling us to move.  We weren’t sure where though.  We were not sure if we were going to travel full-time while I did photography and went to car shows to launch Robert’s new product line or if we were going to move out of California all together.  Well after 6 months of living in our RV with prayer and research, we decided to move to Oregon in our RV.

Even though our families are in the SF Bay Area, we knew Oregon was calling our hearts.  This is not the first time we lived in Oregon, we actually lived in Oregon for 10 years after our kids were born.  After the market crashed in 2008, Robert’s business was not doing well in the small town we lived so we moved back to California.  After living back in California for almost 6 years, we realized that even with his business doing well, well was not good enough.  If you know anything about the SF Bay Area, you know how expensive it is to live.  We felt like we were constantly drowning financially.  This is so different than living in Oregon.  We actually did so much research that we were torn between moving to Arizona, Oregon, we even contemplated the East Coast like North Carolina where my dad lives.  Due to our love for California weather, Oregon won!  We also feel Oregon has to be one of the most beautiful states as well!!

So far we have been here in Salem Oregon (much bigger city for our businesses) for almost 3 weeks.  We are currently living at Premier RV Resorts and love it here.  Everything is so beautiful at the resort we are staying at and we can stay here for up to 2 years if we want.  They have everything here too…club house with a banquet room, gift shop, movie theater, gym and a pool.  They have activities for our teenagers Thomas and Katelyn in which they can play tennis, basketball, disc golf and they also have another club house which has a pool table and ping pong.  We couldn’t have asked for a nicer place to live in our RV.

With us being here for just 3 weeks, we really need to be in prayer.  With this I thought I would start a new blog series called Faithful Fridays in which I will share our prayer needs and desires.  I will share the work God is doing in our lives as we have so much change in our lives right now.  My hope is that through this blog series others can share their prayer requests by commenting on my posts below every Friday.  We can share our faith, hope and desires all while praying for one another.  By doing this we are trusting God and giving Him Glory, just like Katelyn and Kristin has!

For now I am going to list out some of my prayer requests…both needs and desires.  It will be exciting to see what God does in our lives.  I am a firm believer that when God closes one door, He opens another…He opened the door for us to be here, but we still need more guidance and discernment from Him.

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Prayer Requests and Desires

  1. Both of our businesses.  Robert owns a mobile auto restoration/detailing business and of course our photography business.  Right now our focus is mainly on the auto business as Robert was able to transfer his yelp page with 80+ 5 star reviews here.  He is already getting calls from people finding him on yelp.  He needs more business though as finances are getting tight…I know this will just take time.
  2. Time to finally Robert’s new website finished.  After 20 years in the auto restoration/detailing industry, he is now going to start offering workshops and mentoring sessions while launching his new detailing product line.
  3. Social Media….we know the importance of getting our businesses noticed is through social media.   I need prayer for God to help me prioritize as doing social media for 2 businesses can be quite overwhelming.  Plus we also started a new Facebook page and instagram called “All Roads Leading Home”
  4. A new home church…we were so blessed with to have such an amazing church and pastor in the SF Bay Area, we hope we can find something comparable.  I know God will provide  though as He always does.  I the last 20 years we have only had 3 home churches.  Every time we say the same thing…how are we ever going to find anything better, yet we do!
  5. Thankfully being that we homeschool Thomas and Katelyn moving wasn’t as hard on them compared to teenagers having to move away from school and friends. I think my daughter had the hardest time as she did have friends through youth group.  We are praying that we will find a church with a great youth group and also a local homeschool group for our kids to meet others kids their age.  The nice thing with Oregon is there are so many people who homeschool here.
  6. Even though we are currently living in Salem, we are not sure if this city is the place for us.  We came here for it is the nicest RV resort in all of Northern Oregon.  We love smaller cities and towns though.  Our desire would be to settle in a suburb just south of Portland.   We both love Portland as it is so beautiful and business would be great there.  Our desire would be to live in the Tualatin or Wilsonville area…both really nice suburbs with lots to offer! Right now we are an hour south of Portland so living here is doable but after a year or two of driving for business almost everyday can be hard.
  7. Connecting with other wedding vendors in our community…for the wedding photography business, connecting with other vendors has been so helpful in the past, so I know this is something I would love to do again.  My favorite part is coming together to plan stylized wedding shoots, which I desperately need to update my portfolio for living in Oregon now.
  8. This desire is most likely a year or two away, but like Katelyn James and Kristin Peddicord, we would also love to find a little piece of land and build a new home.  We have owned to older homes since we have been married and rented a newer home. Living in a newer home was so nice as we never had much to do as far as upgrades.  With two businesses, teenagers and homeschooling we don’t have time to invest in an older home and it has always been our dream to build a new one.  Thankfully Oregon still has land to buy which is hard to come by in California, so we have time still.
  9. That we would be loving and kind to everyone we meet here at our RV Resort.  Full-time RV living is not as easy as some people may think it is.  We are constantly meeting new people all the time, our neighbors are very close and we share a laundry room with other RV’ers.  Laundry days make me anxious as I have so much laundry being that we are a family of four.  Trying to get all of our laundry done a few times a week and fighting the crowds in our small laundry room which consists of 6 washers and dryers is not my favorite thing to do.  I tend to let my anxiousness show which is not a good thing.
  10. That we can live our lives serving God and others the way He has called us to.  That we will take more time out for spending it with Him in prayer and in His word. This is so important for our entire family. It’s so easy to get distracted by the things of this world that fills our lives day in and day out.  That is why it’s so important our family is protected with God’s armor everyday!!!

If your actually read this huge long blog post, I want to thank you!  My prayer is that this new blog series where I see our prayers unfold, but for others to share their prayers and testimonies too.

Until next Friday I pray you have a week filled with God’s mercy and grace. May you be filled with His peace and joy he has for you!!!

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  • Vyne - Thanks for sharing your heart in such an honest and transparent way. I too have struggled with the balancing act of this abundant grace filed life and prayer. It is so encouraging to know that we have the perfect example of partnership in the Father, Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit. We are designed to do life together to share the load. Sweet sister your not alone. Pursuit 31 PDXReplyCancel

    • Shelley Dee Hohe - Vyne, You are so very welcome! I know there are many who struggle in this area which is why I decided to share. My desire is to share our prayers with others in hopes others can connect and share their prayers all while giving glory to God. Thanks for your comment and Lord bless you!!!ReplyCancel

  • Kristin - Shelley!

    Thank you so so much for writing from your heart and sharing our story. The fact that we have helped your walk in the least little bit really is such a blessing to me. You’ve always been such a support and I can’t thank you enough. Your comments and love have always helped me more than you know. I had no idea you were living in your RV…that is so awesome! It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. The freedom you have with homeschooling seems great and something I’m considering with Sweet P. I might need to pick your brain about it one day! Your urge to want to grow in the Lord is contagious. We all fall short, we all struggle sometimes, that’s life! I’m starting to learn that as a mom it’s even harder to dig in the word like I used to, but we gotta find time. Thankfully we have a God that understands everything we’re going through. I will definitely be writing you in my prayer journal and praying for you often, please know that! Sometimes it’s easy to get wrapped up in what other people are doing, but this is your story! Your story is so unique, I can’t wait to finish reading what God has written for you. Thanks again for everything!!

    Love ya!


    P.S. Where did you get the cute RV cartoon/graphic of you and your family?? I would love something like this for our family!ReplyCancel

    • Shelley Dee Hohe - Thank you so much Kristin for your sweet comment…you and your family has been such a blessing to follow so I thank you! I also thank you for adding me to your prayer journal…I will be praying for you too as I remember what it was like with toddlers. I love that age as they are so precious, but I remember how our twins kept me on my toes chasing after them. As far as our graphic illustration for our Full-time RV Family Adventure, I found an illustrator on Easy. Here is her info…

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