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After celebrating Easter Sunday yesterday, I feel like it’s a new beginning!  I feel this way every year as Easter is the time we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.  This is so important to our family as we place our faith and hope in Jesus.  Easter is so important as it is the day that Jesus conquered death, it is the day He rose from the dead, it is the day we celebrate that through Him we can now be forgiven of our sins. Through His resurrection we have have hope in Him and most importantly we have everlasting life.

Another reason I love Easter and the new beginnings it brings is because of all the beautiful flowers in bloom that God created.  I love seeing the tulips coming up and the cherry blossoms budding on the trees.  It is such a great reminder that this time of year is a time of newness and refreshing.  A time we can start anew with our life, this is especially true for our family!

If you haven’t found out, we started a new adventure last summer as we sold everything and moved our family of 4 into our RV!  At first we wanted to be able to live a life simplified and on the road traveling full-time.  We were preparing to work, travel and homeschool our teenagers while living in our RV.  Well after a few months of living in such a small place, especially with boy/girl teenage twins who need their own space, we decided traveling full-time may not be the best idea.

After lots of prayer and research we decided we were going to settle in a new state other than California.  With our teenagers in high school and possibly going off to college in a few years we ask ourselves how do people survive in the area we live (San Francisco Bay Area),  we live in one of the most expensive county’s in the country!  How will our kids be able to afford to live on their own without moving far away from us.  That is when we decided and when we felt God calling us to move back to Oregon.

After our twins Thomas & Katelyn were born in 2000 we moved to Oregon the first time.  We ended up living there and raising our kids for 10 years.  I was able to be a stay at home mom  as it was possible to have a single income family in Oregon.  Then in 2010 we moved back to California to be closer to our families again, we have been back here 6 years now. We love being close to our families,  although we realize Oregon is the best place for our family of 4.  We feel that with moving to Oregon we will have more opportunity to get ahead financially and be able to do more with our kids before they leave the nest one day.  We will actually be able to have our kids close by when they do decide to be on their own one day as it is so much more affordable in Oregon.

We are also excited for this new beginning as we will be moving to a different area of Oregon compared to where we lived last time.  We lived in a small town with nothing close by for over an hour away. This made it hard on our businesses! This time we want to live in between Salem and Portland as we will live within 30 minutes in either direction.  Not only will this be great for business, but it will be great for everything we will get to see and do.

For my business I am excited for all the beautiful backdrops I will have for photoshoots.  In Salem around the State Capitol there are Cherry Blossom Trees and Tulips galore this time of year!  They actually have a farm called The Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm.  I can’t wait to take photos here!!  I also can’t wait to move up there to connect with new clients and wedding vendors.  It will be an exciting new adventure for our business and our family.

With all these new beginnings, especially this new move which is happening on Friday, we are so grateful to know that no matter what, we have a new beginning in Jesus!  Because of Him we we were able to pray, seek guidance and truly know where God was calling us.  Because of Him we have so much faith and hope that He will be by our side during our move and opening our businesses up there.  We don’t have to be scared as we always have our faith and hope to fall back on, the world may fail us, but God will not!

With Friday coming so close we say goodbye to all of our family, friends and clients who have become our friends over that last 6 years.  Even though it is hard to say goodbye to this past season in our life, we are excited to say hello to this new beginning God has set before us.  Always remember we are just a state away.  We have all of our family here, so we will always be back and in that time we would love to photograph your special moments!!!

Here is a Facebook header we had a designer design for our “New Beginning”!  You can see in the background that where we live and where my husband and I grew up is on the left/middle of the scenery which is the San Francisco Bay Area.  On the right behind our family is a white covered bridge with pine trees and the “Welcome to Oregon” sign.  See even 6 months ago we had Oregon on our hearts to one day go back to and now we are going back sooner than we thought.

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These next few photos are photos I found online, so I don’t get any credit for them.  This one is from Portland along the river.  Look at all those Cherry Blossoms!

Cherry Blossoms Portland Oreogn-2

This is The Japanese Gardens in Portland.  I can’t believe we never visited here when we lived in Oregon before.  This is definitely on my list to go see and hopefully a place for a future photoshoot.  Maybe an engagement session???


Here are the Tulips I was mentioning earlier.  Isn’t it just beautiful, it’s like never endings rows of Tulips.  Sort of reminds me of the the filed of Poppies in The Wizard of Oz!

04 May 2011, Oregon, USA --- Mt.Hood over tulips field, Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm, Woodburn Oregon. have property release. --- Image by © Craig Tuttle/Corbis

This is Oregon’s State Capitol in Salem.  I just love how beautiful it is here.  All the flowers and Cherry Blossom Trees I can’t wait to take some photos here!

Cherry Blossoms Salem State Capital-2

If you would like to follow us on our adventure as we live in our RV and settle in Oregon you can follow us on Facebook….

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