Today I am sharing a post on faith, hope and prayer!  The past few weeks I have been completely moved by a few photographers I have been in the industry with for the past 8 years.  I have never met them, yet I feel so blessed to have learned so much from them through photography […]

  • Vyne - Thanks for sharing your heart in such an honest and transparent way. I too have struggled with the balancing act of this abundant grace filed life and prayer. It is so encouraging to know that we have the perfect example of partnership in the Father, Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit. We are designed to do life together to share the load. Sweet sister your not alone. Pursuit 31 PDXReplyCancel

    • Shelley Dee Hohe - Vyne, You are so very welcome! I know there are many who struggle in this area which is why I decided to share. My desire is to share our prayers with others in hopes others can connect and share their prayers all while giving glory to God. Thanks for your comment and Lord bless you!!!ReplyCancel

  • Kristin - Shelley!

    Thank you so so much for writing from your heart and sharing our story. The fact that we have helped your walk in the least little bit really is such a blessing to me. You’ve always been such a support and I can’t thank you enough. Your comments and love have always helped me more than you know. I had no idea you were living in your RV…that is so awesome! It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. The freedom you have with homeschooling seems great and something I’m considering with Sweet P. I might need to pick your brain about it one day! Your urge to want to grow in the Lord is contagious. We all fall short, we all struggle sometimes, that’s life! I’m starting to learn that as a mom it’s even harder to dig in the word like I used to, but we gotta find time. Thankfully we have a God that understands everything we’re going through. I will definitely be writing you in my prayer journal and praying for you often, please know that! Sometimes it’s easy to get wrapped up in what other people are doing, but this is your story! Your story is so unique, I can’t wait to finish reading what God has written for you. Thanks again for everything!!

    Love ya!


    P.S. Where did you get the cute RV cartoon/graphic of you and your family?? I would love something like this for our family!ReplyCancel

    • Shelley Dee Hohe - Thank you so much Kristin for your sweet comment…you and your family has been such a blessing to follow so I thank you! I also thank you for adding me to your prayer journal…I will be praying for you too as I remember what it was like with toddlers. I love that age as they are so precious, but I remember how our twins kept me on my toes chasing after them. As far as our graphic illustration for our Full-time RV Family Adventure, I found an illustrator on Easy. Here is her info…

  After celebrating Easter Sunday yesterday, I feel like it’s a new beginning!  I feel this way every year as Easter is the time we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.  This is so important to our family as we place our faith and hope in Jesus.  Easter is so important as it is the day […]

  • Holly Whitten - Shelly,
    Wishing you the best as you move back to Oregon. We have good friends in Salem, love that area. Know you will too. Keep following you on facebook. Praying for you and your family.ReplyCancel

Every year I love this time as we are coming to an end of one year and entering a new.  I also love looking back over my past year both personal and in my photography business.  Being able to look back over my year makes me feel so grateful for so many reasons.  I am […]